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Whether our workshops, writing prompts, or other offerings transport you to the kitchen table of an urban farm, to the mossy floor of an ancient forest, or into the basement of your being, Ibex Studios embodies the true spirit of adventure: to both depart and arrive simultaneously.

You will depart from your ordinary pace when you arrive to bake stuffed apples grown in the Columbia Gorge. You will depart from your ingrained perceptions of the world when you arrive to meet the forest blindfolded. And you will depart from everything that keeps you from writing when you arrive to tell the tale of our experiences and the associations they unleash.

Ibex Studios offers a range of in-town and field-based creative writing workshops in the Portland area, and our other offerings reach far beyond the Pacific Northwest. Anyone with internet access can join us for our bimonthly postcard prompts; online writing workshops; wordsmithing services; and custom writing adventures. Please contact us for more information.

Please explore our website and consider joining us on a creative writing adventure. Whether it begins on your living room couch, at the edge of the wilderness, or somewhere in between, you will soon be on a quest to unearth your most succulent stories and develop the skills necessary to make them shine.